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PO Box 720008
San Diego, CA 92172-0008
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Former ITP dog, Brie Adoption Info

So you're thinking about adopting a dog...

Adopting a dog is a big commitment, you are promising a loving and caring FOREVER home. Here are some helpful tips regarding our adoption process to ensure everyone is ready to bring a dog into the home:

  • All family members must want a dog. We won't allow a dog to go into a new home unless we feel everyone wants one 
  • Your other pets must be respectful of having a new dog in the home. We will do an interact with your dog(s) to ensure it is a good match. Generally we will not place a female pit bull in a home with another female pit bull
  • We take pride in finding a dog that fits your lifestyle, which may not be the dog you list on your application
  • If you rent we will ask for a copy of your lease or ask to speak to your landlord
  • Because all military installations have banned pit bulls on base and in base housing we will want to discuss with you your commitment to the military and what your plans are once you get out
  • We will always do a homecheck before any adoption is approved. If you have a yard we will 100% ensure it is secure. Pit bulls are a tenacious breed, if they want to escape they will
  • Puppies under 6 months of age require a home with a securely fenced yard as they do not have all of their vaccinations 
  • We do not require you have a yard to adopt adult dogs, however some of our dogs will require a yard
  • In the case of multiple applications on one dog we will always pick the home that is best for the dog. It is never first come first serve 
  • Our processing fees are $325 puppies younger than 12 months and $295 for dogs 1-8 years. Senior dogs are $150 9 years and up. This fee is non-refundable and payable upon your selection and approval to adopt
  • If you are seeking a dog for an emotional support animal, or to train as a service dog, we will only consider placing dogs a year and up. We will not consider puppies as we cannot guarantee the temperament needed to meet the requirements

‚Äč**We are currently only accepting applications for potential adopters local to the San Diego County or Temecula areas.**

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