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PO Box 720008
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Juliet's Sweethearts - Male's Sponsorship Page
Juliet's Sweethearts - Male

Meet Juliet's Sweethearts! There are currently 4 puppies available for adoption (2 males and 2 females). Please complete an adoption application if you are interested in potentially adopting one of the  Juliet's Sweethearts    puppies.  P lease note that we will not be accepting applications/holds on specific puppies. Instead please note if you prefer a male, female or open to either (if you have a female large breed dog, we will only consider a male puppy match).    We are beginning to accept applications, however, meet & greets will not be held until March 13th in Poway (you must be available this day).

You must be local to the San Diego County, Murreita or Temecula areas, and have a private yard or large patio area that is securely fenced with a minimum height of 5 feet, as puppies are not fully vaccinated.

Please consider sponsoring Mama Juliet & her Sweethearts with either a one-time or monthly tax-deductible donation. Your donation will help It's The Pits with day-to-day care, including food, vaccinations, flea treatment, treats and toys. Click on the Sponsor This Pet link above to make your donation today. Thank you!

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