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Zoey's Pups - Zula's Sponsorship Page
Zoey's Pups - Zula

Name - Zula
Nicknames - Zuli, Mama, baby girl
Age - puppy 
Weight - approx 30#

Other dogs - loves dogs, plays energetically, respects senior dogs when they show disinterest, play can turn rough so supervision is a must Needs a home with a playful, neutered male dog.

Cats - she is curious of our cat, she will bark and attempt to jump on bed to see. Not sure what she’d do if she got close enough.. run away or go forward??

Kids - lives with 2 young boys 6 and 8. She loves playing with them. Again, supervisor needed as she can do some puppy nips/jumps that need to be stopped

Background - Zoey’s puppies

Crate trained - crate trained, very quiet in crate. 

Leash trained - we use the leash some, but she hasn’t been able to go on walks yet! Soon

Housebroken - She holds her potty in the crate; even overnight! However, like any puppy if she is in the house she may have an accident if we didn’t get to her on time. 

Eating Habits - not picky at all

Commands known - Knows sit

Bath time - work in progress

Affectionate - independent, but will check in for some affection 

Activity level - high, she is extremely active and agile

Play style - depends on playmate, she is rowdy and pushy with our male pups. She is submissive w/ our dominant male

Bad habits -  puppy behaviors – nipping, biting and jumping on kids and other dogs need supervision and correcting. 

Redeeming qualities - such a sweet and spunky girl. She is really sweet how she tries to lure the others into playing. 

Best feature - her ears are really funny! Sometimes they are turned inward and flat on her had, sometimes they are completely flipped back (inside out) ! I can’t wait to se her grow into them 


What Foster Mom/Dad wants you to know - 

Zula is going to be a great dog for someone! She is active and spunky! She is showing us how agile she is and it makes me wonder about all the fun activities she will be into. She is already interested in frisbee! I love that she lets me snuggle her a little bit then she is ready to run off and play.  If you’re looking for a hiking, jogging and playing pal, this is your girl.


Please consider sponsoring Zoey & her puppies with either a one-time or monthly tax-deductible donation. Your donation will help It's The Pits with day-to-day care, including food, vaccinations, flea treatment, treats and toys. Click on the Sponsor This Pet link above to make your donation today. Thank you!

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