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Christmas Present - Dasher's Sponsorship Page
Christmas Present - Dasher

Name - Dasher
Gender – Female
Weight – 40 pounds
Meeting other dogs - Friendly
Meeting cats - Unknown
Kids - Friendly
Background – Born in the rescue
Crate trained – Mostly
Leash trained – Does well for a beginner
Housebroken – Yes. Uses doggie door!
Eating Habits – Eats normally, no resource guarding
Commands known – Sits for treats
Car rides – Good, no apparent anxiety
Bath time - Unknown
Affectionate – Likes to cuddle up on a bench or couch
Activity level - Medium
Play style – Plays appropriately with people and other dogs
Bad habits – None known
Redeeming qualities – A sweet people-pleaser
Best feature – A very sweet disposition
What Dasher’s Foster Dad wants you to know –
Dasher is a sweet and biddable puppy. She has been living with six other dogs: two brothers, an unrelated younger female puppy, two adult female Am Staffs and everyone’s pack leader, a 14 pound female Papillon. With the help of this pack, she has been well-socialized and she is more than ready to seek out new adventures in a forever home!


Please consider sponsoring Christmas & her Presents with either a one-time or monthly tax-deductible donation. Your donation will help It's The Pits with day-to-day care, including food, vaccinations, flea treatment, treats and toys. Click on the Sponsor This Pet link above to make your donation today. Thank you!

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