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Scarlett's Sponsorship Page

Name - Scarlett

Nicknames – Scar, Scar Scar, Babe, Monkey

Age - Adult

Weight – 55 lbs

Other dogs - is dog selective/reactive, slow warmer (takes time to warm up and trust)

Cats - No

Kids – Gets along with kids, but may accidentally bump into smaller children

Background – Pulled from a shelter

Crate trained – Goes in with treat, protests for the first few minutes. She is currently in her crate 7.5 to 8 hours 4 days a week next to my dogs

Leash trained – Good on leash. Working on reactivity/excitement on leash when other dogs are near

Housebroken – Yes, I manage potty breaks, she doesn’t need to notify me

Eating habits – Good eater, 1.25 cups twice a day with 2 tbsp canned food (allergic to chicken). Scarlett will sit and stay until I say it is okay to eat. She has environmental allergies, so she gets 2.5 mg Prednisone each morning and 2 Benadryl a day (1 AM & 1 PM). She also gets a medicated bath once or twice a month.

Commands – Sit, stay, down, off, back, out, shake (new trick)

Car rides – LOVES the car. She is the perfect co-pilot and will either sit looking out the front window or will lay down.

Bath time – Will go in the shower, not afraid

Affectionate – Gives hugs, likes to cuddle, but is more likely to lay next to you than on top of you, loves to GET kisses, loves to give hugs & kisses, likes belly rubs

Activity level – Medium (Scarlett goes on daily walks 15-20 mins. She can easily go 2-3 miles, but she doesn’t require it)

Play style – She loves to play fetch with her Kong ball, if you run around or chase her she can get overly excited and be a little rough

Bad habits – Scarlett can be dog reactive on leash when walking out & about (if you don’t correct her right away she will lunge & spin in circles). She has separation anxiety and will whine for a few minutes after she goes in her crate.

Redeeming qualities – She will follow you around the house and likes to be in the same room with you, but she isn’t needy. She gives hugs. Scarlett does not bark in the backyard (even when the 8-10 dogs next door are barking or being loud.

Best feature – Her beautiful face. She is treat motivated and eager to learn new commands & tricks

What Foster Mom/Dad wants you to know -

It took Scarlett a few days to settle when I first started fostering her, but she was great once she settled in. Scarlett would do best in a calm house with structure and routine. She has great eye contact when in the house and learning new tricks. She loves people and wants to be near you. Scarlett just wants to give love and get love in return.

Please consider sponsoring Scarlet with either a one-time or monthly tax-deductible donation. Your donation will help It's The Pits with day-to-day care, including food, vaccinations, flea treatment, treats and toys. Click on the Sponsor This Pet link above to make your donation today. Thank you!

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