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Name: Sammie - I Need a Foster!!
Status: Available for Adoption (adoption info)
Species: Dog
Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier / Mixed (short coat)
Sex: Male
General Potential Size: Medium
Current Age: 4 Years 7 Months (best estimate)
Activity Level: Moderately Active
Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor Only
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Kids: Yes
Declawed: No
Housetrained: Yes

Name – Sammie

Nicknames - Sammers, Sammie Sam, Bub

Medical – None

Other dogs – Great. Currently living with 2 large dogs (female and male) and 1 little dog (female, 7lbs). He will cuddle up with all of them.

Cats - Unknown

Kids – Sammie doesn’t interact daily with kids, but when he attended an adoption event he did great with the kids he met, and with children visiting the foster he is great once he settles, he just gets too excited and may jump for kisses, so should be kept on leash for initial 10 minutes.

Housing – Sammie may bark or whine when he initially goes into his crate, but will settle in a couple of minutes.

Background – Was left in a drop box with a couple of small dogs at Animal Friends of the Valley.

Crate trained – Yes. He will go in with treats, but barks and whines briefly, then settles in. Upon foster’s return Sammie is quiet in his crate until I let him out.

Leash trained – Sammie will pull initially; but settles if held in a wait a couple of minutes before starting walk.

Housebroken – Yes. No accidents (#1 or #2).

Eating Habits – Sammie is not a picky eater. He has eaten everything given to him. We suspect he may guard his food around other dogs (we never allow any dog close to another dog when food is present), but not with people. He should be fed separate from other dogs.  Same with water, he should have a separate bowl if there are multiple dogs around.

Commands known – Sammie knows the commands, but sometimes has selective hearing - Sit, Stay, Down, Shake, Out, Back, Off, Come, Inside, Outside, Drop It. Learning - Leave It.

Car rides – Great in the car. Wants to be with you so securing him in the backseat is recommended so he cannot climb up front or interrupt driving.

Bath time – Great with baths outside. Has not been bathed inside yet (TBD).

Affectionate – Yes. Sammie is a cuddler and would probably try to be a lap dog if you let him. He gives sweet little butterfly kisses.

Activity level – Medium energy. He will run a couple laps around the backyard and then will rest. He would benefit from mental stimulation too, but it is not required.

Play style – Runs around, nudges other dogs, can be vocal and mouthy.

Bad habits – He has shown signs of potentially guarding toys from other dogs, so all toys are put away when all of the dogs are out together. He gets excited and will jump up to greet new people. When his foster brother coughs or hacks, he gets nervous and immediately will go over to him overly concerned; therefore, foster intervenes to avoid any potential issues (he does not do this with his small or large foster sisters).  Sammie can be excitable and vocal when out and about, but working on that by getting him more outside exposure.  He may counter surf if you are not paying attention.  Many of his “bad habits” are simply over excitement, which can be managed and reduced through proper training/leash work. 

Redeeming qualities – Sammie is a lover and so sweet. He loves everyone he has met so far. He is a master splooter (lays on his stomach with his back legs out behind him, aka frog legs). Sammie takes treats soft and easy. Although he gets excited out and about, he is manageable and will take corrections well. We were out for a walk one day and two neighbor dogs got out of their yard and rushed up to him off leash and he did not react or respond negatively.

Best feature – Sammie is a handsome boy and so loving. He is a big boy with great physique.

What Foster Mom/Dad wants you to know – When I first started fostering Sammie he liked me and would engage with me occasionally, but was not overly interested. It took Sammie about 2 weeks to get comfortable with me and start seeking me out and wants to be near me. Sammie will whine when he needs to go outside and/or release energy. Sammie is sensitive and is very in tuned with people and animal emotions. If you are excited or energetic, Sammie will be excited and energized. When I take Sammie out and about he will get excited when he sees other dogs (will whine or try to pull over to them), but is manageable (quickly if you are calm and confident).

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Sammie - I Need a Foster!!
Sammie - I Need a Foster!!
Sammie - I Need a Foster!!
Sammie - I Need a Foster!!
Sammie - I Need a Foster!!
Sammie - I Need a Foster!!
Sammie - I Need a Foster!!
Sammie - I Need a Foster!!
Sammie - I Need a Foster!!
Sammie - I Need a Foster!!
Sammie - I Need a Foster!!
Sammie - I Need a Foster!!
Sammie - I Need a Foster!!
Sammie - I Need a Foster!!
Sammie - I Need a Foster!!
Sammie - I Need a Foster!!
Sammie - I Need a Foster!!
Sammie - I Need a Foster!!
Sammie - I Need a Foster!!
Sammie - I Need a Foster!!
Sammie - I Need a Foster!!
Sammie - I Need a Foster!!
Sammie - I Need a Foster!!
Sammie - I Need a Foster!!
Sammie - I Need a Foster!!
Sammie - I Need a Foster!!
Sammie - I Need a Foster!!
Sammie - I Need a Foster!!